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When have you gone too far “decorating” your pet? March 10, 2009

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Have you ever crossed the line of dressing up your pet?  Sure we’ve all seen the adorable pet costumes that come out for Halloween every year.

Hot Doggy

Sure, poor little Fido may be humiliated, but he knows it’s all in good fun and he’ll be free to be just a dog again tomorrow.

But, there is a whole entire subculture out there that actually changes their pets appearance.  Dramatically.  And sometimes permanently.


I’ve heard that Cat Dye Professionals can make $60,000 a year.  Some of their designs are artwork on fur. 


This kitty below is named Smeagle.   His parents dyed him themselves using Kool-aid.  Several years ago at Knotts Berry Farm I had seen a demonstration on dying yarn with Kool-aid and saw how permanent the dye can be.  Unfortunately, Smeagle’s parents thought it would wash right out.  It didn’t.  Smeagle is still gradually fading and his parents are a bit embarassed now by their pink kitty.


 Although I don’t have the extra funds to spend on dying my cats (who does  in this economy?), I worry about the pets that are decorated to the extreme.


This Dragon Poodle looks like he may be uncomfortable all the time with his ears wrapped into horns and little pointy scales running down his back.  Do you think this is crossing the line?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the poor Goth kitties that were pierced by their owner and listed on eBay for sale.  That owner is now on trial for animal cruelty charges.

So how far is too far?  Can’t your furry pet be beautiful as is?  Are decorations becoming too elaborate? 

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